How to Host a Murder Mystery Hen Party

matthieu-joannon-294645-unsplashWeddings can be stressful times, and just being in a bridal party can make you feel like you might commit a murder. A murder mystery can work as a really fun, unique and cost-effective form of entertainment for a hen or bachelorette party.

A number of different hen organisation companies and hotels in Ireland offer murder mystery events, but to be honest, they are often very staid and cliched event. It’s more than possible to organise one yourself with one of our kits, costing as little as €25 for the entire kit (more money for bubbles or Bulmers!).

How does it work?

Murder mysteries can have different formats, but the games we write focus on allowing each participant to have fun and enjoy the role with script prompts instead of a heavily-scripted format.

  • Interrogation SheetEach player receives a character card outlining their character, with some script prompts and guidance of what their role will entail for the night. The players can receive this in advance of the game to prepare it and get a costume ready, or on the evening itself.
  • Each player receives a card stating that they are guilty or innocent
  • The initial set up and evidence is read aloud, and then the players take turns following their instruction cards and questioning their colleagues
  • Everyone guesses who they think committed the murder!

It can be played during dinner, at a drinks reception or even during a girly night in.

Some of the hen-friendly murder mysteries that we stock include:

‘A Lovely Murder’ Father Ted-themed murder mystery for lovely girls.

A Lovely Murder
A LOVELY MURDER Who paid for the tea and buns? What starts off as a friendly beauty pageant for lovely Irish girls of the four green fields of Ireland takes a murderous turn when Imelda Lally, is found murdered with a tea towel shoved down her throat. Perhaps she was too good at making sandwiches or her own dresses? Or just had too lovely a smile. You’re invited backstage to solve this and other mysteries afflicting these lovely lassies.

‘Happily Never After’ featuring all of our favourite fairytale characters

Happily Never After
HAPPILY NEVER AFTER Princess Betina was destined to live a blessed life in a fairytale castle with her beautiful prince, but she is murdered the night before her wedding day. You’re invited to join our best-loved fairytale characters to discover who committed this crime, in a kingdom far, far away.

‘Murder at Stackallen Castle’ a classic murder mystery dinner party game

Etsy shop listing 8 - 16 players
MURDER AT STACKALLEN CASTLE The Earl of Stackallen Hugh Joyce is hosting his annual charity gala ball at his lavish family castle deep in the Irish countryside. Before the festivities can get underway, his body is discovered slumped over his own desk. Join us in the drawing room to discover who stabbed His Lordship in the back.

‘The Wizard’s Dagger’ a Harry Potter-themed game

The Wizard's Dagger
The Wizard’s Dagger Jippity Umlot is the world’s leading authority on wizardry, and he has been found murdered with his own dagger on the night before he is due to be awarded the community’s most prestigious award, the Golden Feather. Join the leading figures from the world of wizards and witches to solve this murder mystery and discover who wanted him dead?

As always we are happy to create a fully bespoke murder mystery for an extra special event.




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