How much does it cost to host a murder mystery party?

When it comes to hosting any sort of party, the sky really is the limit. When it comes to putting together a budget for a murder mystery party, what elements should you budget for?

From Jay Z spending $200,000 on his little girl’s birthday to a college booze up on a shoestring, we all tailor our party plans to our budget.  In order to host a murder mystery party – the essential items are really a script and your guests.

But to make sure you and your guests have a great time, you might want to think about providing refreshments, props and organising some costumes and invitations.

Murder mystery party costs

The suggested cost is only a guide but is based on hosting a 12 person murder mystery where you plan to cook a three-course meal, serve some drinks, wear a costume and put up some decor.

For a super budget-friendly murder mystery party, invite your friends to a drinks reception and ask them to bring their own drinks and a pot each, you could even write your own murder mystery script!

matthieu-joannon-294645-unsplashRefreshments: The menu and drinks that you choose to serve at your murder mystery party can really impress your guests, especially if you have taken the time to think about what fits in with your theme. For example, if you have a fairytale-themed murder mystery, why not serve cocktails in teapots? If you are hosting a classic murder mystery party in a castle, how about a classic cocktail?

When I write these murder mysteries I often find inspiration from history’s most lavish and extravagant parties. If you choose to hire caterers or host the event in a function room, hotel or restaurant, remember that you will most likely pay more.

Suggested cost per head: €10 – €30

ellen-carlson-hanse-389735-unsplash.jpgCostumes: Some of the best costumes I have ever worn have cost me absolutely nothing, and equally some of the most expensive shop-bought costumes I have worn have been quite lacklustre. Still, homemade costumes can often still mean going out to purchasing various outfits, so if possible buy things that can be used again or already have. For example if you already have a tuxedo, you don’t really need anything else for a classic murder mystery party! As the host, you’re setting the tone for your guests, the more invested you are in the event the more they will enjoy themselves. Of course you don’t need to buy costumes for your guests. (Unless you want to!)

Suggested cost: €0 – €50 

Decor: As with costumes, going homemade can save you plenty of money, but there are some things that you may not have lying around at home. Some decor and props that can add to the enjoyment of a murder mystery parties can include yellow police tape, fake blood splatters or puddles, exotic bottles of poison, intricate daggers, interesting guns etc. Candles always add atmosphere and the chances are you have some already or will use them again.

Suggested cost: €20 -€50 

Etsy shop listing 8 - 16 players

Murder mystery script: If you can write, think about composing your own murder mystery script, it’s a great way to make the game very personal. Otherwise, you can purchase a murder mystery kit from our Etsy shop from €5, we can provide a bespoke script from €250. Visit our Etsy shop now.

Cost: €0 – €500




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