A Lunar Enigma – Now on Kickstarter!



A Lunar Enigma – Mystery Game Pack Just Launched on Kickstarter

2nd July, 2019. Meath-based crime writer Fiona Sherlock is today launching a funding campaign for innovative new boxed mystery game, A Lunar Enigma, on Kickstarter.

Sherlock has been creating print-at-home mystery games for over three years, with hundreds of customers across the world hosting her mystery parties such as ‘Murder at Stackallen Castle’ or ‘The Wizard’s Dagger’. She recently hosted a Harry Potter themed literary pop up at last weekend’s Hinterland LitCrawl.

‘A Lunar Enigma’ is a time-travelling mystery game aimed at fans of classic Agatha Christie sleuthing with nods to timeshift sci-fi. The boxed game will include all instructions, clues, player scripts, props, decor and invitations and is suitable for 10 players. It’s also clean and family friendly, so kids from 12 can take part.

With pledges starting at €5, early backers of the project will receive their complete box for pledges of €45 or more. If successfully funded, the game will be available to order online and in a number of stores in time for Halloween and Christmas.

Through using the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, Fiona must reach her €1,500 target by mid-August 2019.

Pledge your support at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bespokemurdermystery/a-lunar-enigma

Fiona said: “I am so excited to launch this Kickstarter campaign. Mystery games are really popular in Ireland and abroad, and through my Etsy shop I’ve sold my original games across the US, Australia, the UAE, Turkey and of course Ireland and the UK. Many of my existing customers have requested a pre-printed mystery game, either to host their own party or to gift to a friend or family member.”

The writer cautions that things have changed from murder mystery weekends that were popular in the 1990s. “Even for people who have never played such a Cluedo-esque game before, hosting a mystery party is a really cost-effective way to add something really special to your party, for the same price as a few bottles of wine. This is the next generation of mystery games – gone are the stuffy and overly scripted murder mystery weekends using sexist and racist tropes – my games are created with millennials in mind.”

Pledge your support at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bespokemurdermystery/a-lunar-enigma

Or order a printable game at: https://www.etsy.com/ie/shop/BespokeMurderMystery

About A Lunar Enigma


What if man was on the moon in the 1930s?

This mystery game is set in another version of history; one where Jazz music reigned, and society consisted of strict rules about class and manners, but all in zero gravity.

The year is 1933, and weighed down by the Great Depression, America is on its way to abolishing prohibition. Franklin D Roosevelt is President, and in Britain, Battersea Power Station is about to bring electricity to the masses. But in the fiefdom of Sir Charles Townshall, Grand Master of the Moon, little thought is given to the rest of the human race. During the annual celebration of humans’ arrival on the satellite, a grave crime is committed.

Inspector Zindy Barlowe launches an investigation, but everyone is a suspect….

  • Suitable for 10 players

  • Clean and family friendly, suitable for children and adults 12+

  • Includes all instructions, clues, player scripts, props, decor and invitations

  • Pledges include amazing rewards


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