Planning in a Pandemic: Your Halloween Mystery Party 2020

cody-chan-sL4IW4_kQ-o-unsplashEven trying to organise a trip to the shops in the middle of this pandemic gives us a tonne of things to think about… With everything from weddings to stadium tours on ice as the world lives with Covid-19, is it totally crazy to start planning a Halloween party?

Here’s our guide to hosting a Halloween mystery party during a pandemic!

If you’re a planner, which most of us who enjoy hosting are, it can be a real challenge to try to stay flexible, but it is truly the key to staying calm when you prep those pumpkins and web your stairs.

Check out our guides to hosting a murder mystery remotely via Zoom and hosting a murder mystery at a social distance. Maybe you’re hosting an event for work, want to have fun with your staff but can’t meet up in person, check out our guide to hosting a remote workplace murder mystery party . The below tips all apply.


A) Maybe you’re locked down with just your immediate family, and access to your broader family and friend network online.

B) Perhaps, like us here in Ireland, you’re living with some restrictions. These often change on a regular basis, and inform how many people you can have to your home or meet in public, according to what’s going on in your local area. You’re encouraged to remain at a social distance and limit time together.

c) Life as we know it returns (pretty unlikely)


So, how does that affect your guest list? Well it likely means you won’t know the exact configuration of your party until a few days beforehand. Our flexible murder mystery games are the ideal solution because you can play with in real life, at a social distance, or by Zoom. You can still invite your guests and assign characters in advance. Most likely that guest list could look like:

  • Host and immediate family/colleagues and/or
  • Handful of socially distant guests and/or
  • Remote guests joining via video call

Perhaps you’re planning a remote game from the get go, in which case, if restrictions do ease, you can always step down to a real life event.


Ok, once you’ve got your guest list and some options in mind, think about your guests. Will they want to party like Gatsby and let off some steam? Or how about a family-friendly party with magical themes? As it’s the most ghoulish time of the year…how about a classic cast of horror characters? Check out our full range of 5* star rated murder mystery games on Etsy. Our top picks for Halloween 2020 are:

Who Killed Dracula’s Son: 4 – 12 player flexible game

Our most requested murder mystery to date, a printable horror murder mystery game. Join this cast of classic spooky characters for the ultimate modern-day monster mash! Featuring all your favourite vampires, witches, ghosts, mummies, pirates and horror characters. Perfect to raid your wardrobe for a zoom-worthy party!

The Great Has Been – 4 – 50 player flexible game

Inspired by the Great Gatsby and Midnight in Paris, set on the Orient Express, this is the ultimate 1920s murder mystery game with everything you need to host an unbelievable event.

The Wizard’s Dagger- 4 – 20 player flexible game

Inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter, this clean murder mystery printable pack contains everything you need to create a wizarding murder mystery.



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