A Christmas Murder Mystery

thought-catalog-480579-unsplash.jpgIt’s that time of year again. Christmas, the holidays, Saturnalia, whatever you like to call it, the chances are you’ll be spending lots of time attending get together and parties this festive season. No better time to try out a murder mystery game! If you’ve never played one before, it’s a good occasion as your guests are already looking forward to letting their hair down.

Murder mystery games are a great way to entertain your guests doing something new:

  • Work parties
  • Cocktail parties
  • Client events
  • Birthday parties
  • Family entertainment
  • Christmas days and experiences

Murder Mystery Game on Christmas Day

Time to shake the dust from the tinsel; search some new recipes and decided where you’re going to spend it. Christmas Day. The main event!

Some of us love to collapse in front of an old movie once dinner is finished, others prefer charades or more classic boardgames. If you’re in the first camp, Das Boot or The Big Chill will always win out, but if you prefer to put your brain to use, why not think about a murder mystery game?

We have just completed a brand new game just in time for Christmas this year – Who Killed Santa’s Elf? 

Christmas murder mystery game

Carol St Nicholas is head elf at the North Pole and is celebrating her 1000th birthday.  With a reputation for always protecting her elves and being a tricky customer over the years, she has worked with the elves for most of her life and Santa and Mrs Claus wanted to host a festive party to thank her for all her work. However, just as the first guests arrive, Carol’s body is discovered in the North Pole freezer. Join the Claus family to solve what happened to Carol, at this most special time of year.

Characters include:
Santa Claus
Mrs Claus
Ghost of Christmas Past
Holly Scrooge – North Pole accountant
Icicle Shaw – Elf Lawyer
Comet – Reindeer & Scientist
Sugarplum Tarando – Reindeer Advocate
Frank St Nicholas – Longest beard man
Feliz St Nicholas – Jock elf
Evergreen Teeny – Elf
Bluster O’Dowd – Reindeer keeper
Wuff St Nicholas – Elf dog

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