New Game! Murder At Royal Ascot

Murder Mystery Game - Murder at Royal AscotI’ve long since been a fan of horse racing and racing related outings. At this time of year, I love reading about the style guide suggested by the highlight of the flat racing calendar. What a magnificent show of pageantry, fashion, frivolity and sportmanship! It struck me that those who like to get their gladrags on for racing would be prime candidates for hosting a murder mystery, hence this latest game, Murder At Royal Ascot! I’ve thrown some time travelling in there, so this game is set in the 1950s!

Format: Unlike my other games, which are flexible, this game has a very certain killer. Having a set killer can change the game dynamic considerably, but it is still suitable to be played by beginners but will add something fresh for those well-versed in playing murder mystery games.


Get your eyeliner flicks ready and dust off your morning suit for a fun 1950s party! Inspired by the wonderful vintage glory of Royal Ascot and The Crown, this printable pack contains everything you need to create an unforgettable British vintage murder mystery event that your guests will never forget, if they live to tell the tale!

Great for a garden party, or to make your special event stand out.

Suitable for 12 – 16 players.
– A comprehensive host guide
– Invitations 
– Character scripts x 16
– Evidence guidelines
– Guilty or innocent cards 
– Interrogation guide
– Evidence


You’re invited to Royal Ascot! It is June 1958, and Peter Von Dutch is hosting the great and good of British (and American society) in the Royal Enclosure. The guests are in for a nasty surprise when tempers flare and murder takes place. Put your sleuthing skills to the test with this classic British murder mystery game.

This will be a hit with fans of the TV show The Crown, the British Royal Family, 1950s England and horse-racing enthusiasts. Host your own Agatha Christie inspired party.

Murder At Royal Ascot
Some of the fun printables included in the pack

Characters include:

Queen Elizabeth II
Duke of Edinburgh
Princess Margaret
Reggie Cray
Ronnie Cray
Vera Lynn
Cliff Richards
Marilyn Monroe
Audrey Hepburn
Jackie Kennedy
Lester Pigott 
Tommy Steele
Nancy Mitford
Harold McMillan
Hosted by Paulette Pettigrew


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