STEN: Joint Stag and Hen Party Activities

A STEN, sounds more like medical equipment than a night’s entertainment, but the latest trend in pre-wedding celebrations is seeing off singledom with your other half and their friends!

This trend has taken off in recent years, and is a great idea for couples who may both be very good friends with both males and females, and also for same sex-couples. Instead of banishing the teenage best friend to a female only hen or bachelorette party, both members of the couple can enjoy her company.

What’s the difference between a STEN and a traditional Stag or Hen (Bachelor and Bachelorette in the US) party? 

There still tends to be partying, and celebrating long-standing friendships and memories, but instead of being solely male or all-girl affairs, the couple host all their friends together.

What’s the format?

Depending on the format for the event, some couples and the bridal party organising them will run the whole group together all day. This means sharing transport, activities, dinner, games and partying together. Other couples will choose to have separate daytime activities, whilst coming together for dinner, before going their own ways.

Can we really let our hair down with the boys/girls there?

For guests, accepting an invitation to a STEN with your other half as well as their friends can be off-putting and should come with a warning – what goes on tour stays on tour. You’re not going to the event as a couple, but as individual guests of the bride and groom, so house-nagging and couple niggling needs to stay at home. You wouldn’t tell Josh to put down his fourth pint in as many hours, nor would you tell Polly to use a napkin at dinner.

Once that understanding is in place, most STEN guests tend to have just as much fun. If you’re the type of group who visit lap dancing clubs or have frequented other houses of ill repute on previous stag or bachelor parties, do dampen your expectations here.

So, why am I writing about this topic? Well murder mystery parties are an ideal STEN activity, and a cost-effective one too. For less than the cost of a good bottle of wine, you can entertain guests with guessing whodunnit all evening!

Some of the most popular games for STENs include:

Murder at Stackallen Castle

The Wizard’s Dagger

Mad Men – Who Killed Don Draper

I’ve just created an amazing new 1920s game, The Great Has Been, a mash-up of The Great Gatsby, Murder on the Orient Express and Midnight in Paris.

We also create custom games, if you have a specific theme in mind, get in touch today and email with your query.ishan-seefromthesky-168412-unsplash.jpg


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