Kickstarter Update! Meet the Characters

With just two weeks to go to fund our Kickstarter for A Lunar Enigma, a boxed murder mystery game, meet some of the characters!


Zindy Barlowe: Lead detective in the Lunar Police Force, Zindy is a first generation moon woman. A former lunar athlete…she’s fighting her own demons and family history.

Sir Charles Townshall: Grand Master of the Moon. The pinnacle of lunar society…Sir Charles is not quite who he seems. A regular visitor to planet earth, he’s keen to make sure the lunar outpost is bang up to date with the latest trends of the 1930s.

Lady Constance Townshall: A down-to-earth humanitarian with a heart as big at the Sea of Tranquility. A much-loved community leader

Milly Crawford: Singer and songwriter, Milly has captured the hearts and minds of the moon residents, bringing jazz to the frontierspeople. An absolute glamourpuss, she’s a trendsetter.

Meet the next four characters next week and the final four the week after!

If you haven’t backed our project yet, please pledge your support today!


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