A Classic Halloween Murder Mystery

So murder mysteries and Halloween parties go hand in hand, like stakes and garlic; spooks and cobwebs; witches and cauldrons. We have just created a brand new game, which we’re sure will become an instant classic, with the ultimate cast of vampires, witches, monsters and werewolves! Copy of A North Pole Murder Mystery (2)


This game includes everything you need to host a spectacular murder mystery party this Halloween, including invitations, character scripts and evidence. This game is supplied as a Word document so is fully editable and customisable, you can even add your own extra characters!

Play time: 45 – 90 minutes
Difficulty level: Beginner
Players: Suitable for 6 – 15 players. 7 male, 6 female, 2 flexible.
Rating: Ages 12+ suitable for both adults and teenagers, this thrilling game is clean with some minimal references to alcohol, sex, witchcraft or drugs.
Format and structure: This is a flexible game that can be reused and edited. If you would like to play with more than 15 players, expansion packs are available. please make a note of it in your order.


Vlad Hasstblom is a wealthy European fund manager, a distant descendant from the history’s most famous vampire, Count Dracula. On the eve of a Halloween party in his Transylvanian pad, Vlad is found murdered with a stake through the heart. But who dunnit?


Vlad Hasstblom Jr – Dracula’s son
Countess Perry Hasstblom – Vlad’s wife
Morticia and Gomez Adams – Wealthy investors
Frankenstein’s Monster and Frankenstein’s bride- A young female writer and her grotesque monstrous creation.
Jasper – a rather amiable spectre
Winnie Sanderton – A tarot reader from Salem
King Tutti – Egyptian rapper with an unfortunate habit of injuring himself
Grace O’Malley – The brutal and heroic music pirate
Sunset Vampires – A band of talented classical musicians
The Phantom of the Operetta – Josie McDonald is a washed up magician still trying to turn tricks



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