Top Ten Bachelorette Murder Mystery Party Games 2020

The days are already getting longer, sending our thoughts to summer evenings and the bridal boom season. Here’s our round up of the top ten hottest murder mystery parties for bridesmaids hosting bachelorette parties this 2020!

  1. The Roaring Twenties: As we enter the 2020s, the classic age of the murder mystery remains very popular; from Murder on the Orient Express to the still-standing renaissance for all things Gatsby, this form is the ultimate game for most starting out.
  2. Magical and Fantastical: Right, so we all didn’t get that letter from Hogwarts, but gosh, a girl can dream? This theme allows players to indulge long-held desires to cast a spell or use a wondrous ability. 
  3. Murder at the Manor: The ancient homes of aristocrats are the perfect backdrop to the classic Cluedo-inspired murder in the drawing room type games.
  4. Happily Never After: A thin veneer of respectability coats most true fairytales, but even the best-loved princesses can be capable of murder…..lots of fun for a hen or bachelorette party   
  5. Christmas. In July. Or in December. Either way, it can be lots of fun to delve into the darker side to our favourite festive characters, from Santa Claus to the reindeers…who can imagine murder in the North Pole?
  6. Mad Men/The Crown There’s something so refreshing about leaving not only your own life to play a new character, but moving to a different period in time that is one fun aspect of hosting a murder mystery party. Sip some martinis in Don Drapers’s office, or visit the races with the Queen, time travel is possible!
  7. A Murder of Crows. Or writers. Wordsmiths are reputed for their carefully plotted poems and novels. Combined with larger-than-life personalities, who better to solve a murder than a bunch of famous writers?
  8. Murder in the Deep South. The blood runs red and the whiskey flows south of Dixie, combined with fearsome music a country western themed murder mystery gives all the fun of the honky tonk!
  9.  A custom game: This is like that famous question, who would you have to dinner, dead or alive? Summon from the realm of the dead and recreate your ideal dinner guests, from old presidents to composers or even Friends-cast members, custom-written games are our favourite thing to prepare.
  10. Murder in space: It’s always dark up there, which sets a moody atmosphere. The scant resources, the struggle for power…even the best-trained astronauts or calmest space travellers can be capable of murder…

Check out my Etsy shop for instant download printable game kits for all of the above! themes!

Why host a murder mystery? With printable mystery kits starting at $8, hosting your own murder mystery is a super cost-effective way to give your friend a farewell to singledom they won’t forget!

What sort of event should I host? You can choose to center  your event around the murder mystery game, or play the game around a bridal shower, dinner or afternoon tea. As long as you have an hour and some willing guests you’re set for a really memorable event!

But I’ve never hosted one before? Most kits come with full instructions, and we realise for many people it’s something they have always wanted to do, but never got the chance.


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