Planning a St.Patrick’s Day Murder Mystery

An estimated 80 million people are of Irish descent; if you’re one of them, or just want to mark St. Patrick’s Day with a fun event this year, here’s a complete guide to hosting a murder mystery for this most green of days! 

Why a murder mystery?

Murder At Stackallen Castle InvitationEach March, we celebrate what it means to be Irish on the feast of St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, who’s alleged to have driven the snakes out of Ireland. Across Ireland and the globe, people host get-togethers, party in the streets, often dressing up and sharing tales of the country’s mythical creatures.

This element of theatre and merriment translates really well to a mystery party. With mass gatherings in question, you can still celebrate this wonderful feast in your home.

What sort of food and drink should I serve?

I’m based in Ireland, so I’m going to nudge you guys away from the corned-beef-cabbage – car-bomb-school of refreshments to some options that are very Irish but a little more refined.

How about music?

We LOVE this very patriotic Spotify playlist of Irish music with plenty of traditional options and The Pogues, The High Kings, The Saw Doctors, The Wolfe Tones.

Want to host your own St Patrick’s Day Murder Mystery? Visit our Etsy store for a full range of Irish themed games including:

Murder on St Patrick’s Day mystery party

Irish Writers Murder Mystery

Clean and teen-friendly Irish mystery game


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