FAQs and Free Resources for your murder mystery

Find all your most common queries answered, as well as links to lots of free printables and other resources!


How do I pick which guests to play?

The majority of our games are flexible, meaning that it works for a range of players. This can leave extra players left over, so how do you choose?Read your host guide carefully to see if you have any specific characters to play, but otherwise choose whoever you like as the games are flexible!

For the Great Has Been, we suggest using Sammy and Dick.

Do I need a newspaper obituary?

PS Not all games have newspaper obituaries, especially where the murder happens during the game. If there is not one in your pack, it’s not a part of your game.


How long will my game take?

This depends on the number of players, but generally games take between 45 minutes and 90 minutes and should not take longer than two hours.

Which characters should I choose to play?

If your game requires specific characters to play, they will be mentioned in your host guide. Otherwise you can choose whichever characters you think will be the best fit for your guests, starting from the beginning of the scripts as a guide?

Can I play my game remotely and in person?

Most of my games can be played both in real life and remotely. You can find a full guide to hosting virtually in your host guide or in the resource centre below.

I’m playing with kids, which are your family friendly games? Can the kids join in?

Murder mysteries are a great way to bring the family together! Our bestselling family games are Who Killed Santa’s Elf and The Wizard’s Dagger. Murder at Stackallen Castle (Clean version) is also popular as is The Great Has Been (ages 12 and over)

Where are the files? What happens after I purchase?

Immediately after your purchase you will recieve an email from Etsy with the files to download. Sometimes this may go to your spam folder if your spam settings don’t like the word ‘murder’. You can also access the files by logging onto Etsy and clicking under ‘My Purchases’. You will need to access via a PC. Etsy allows 5 files maximum, make sure to read your host guide as some games have extra resources and files in Google Drive.


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