Top Tips for Hosting A Remote Social Night for Your Team

The pandemic shifted our work routines dramatically. Even as some people return to the office, many teams continue to work remotely. So how do you keep the morale high amongst colleagues who don’t get to meet in person? We’ve all been there, counting down the minutes until the end of a boring Zoom quiz, so how do you hit the right note and keep your team engaged?

  1. Think creatively. People are over Zooms and cook-alongs. For many people who work remotely, a social Zoom call is just another hour spent in front of a laptop. Ensure that the experience is a worthwhile way for them to spend their time, so try something totally new.
  2. Facilitate escapism. Whether it’s fancy dress, exotic cocktails or pretending to live in anoter time or place, take your staff on a journey outside the ordinary.
  3. Timing. Pick a time that suits your team. If you’re hosting them during the day, let them know if the normal rules of work don’t apply. Keep the activity to 60 – 90 minutes
  4. Take some screenshots. Even if the event is remote, don’t forget this is still a part of their life, the first time some colleagues may meet, etc. Be sure to take screenshots and send to everyone afterwards. You can even host an anonymous vote for the best character, best dressed etc.
  5. Pay attention to their interests. People are far more likely to get involved and have fun when they care about a topic. Show your team how well you know them by selecting activities they care about or picking characters that have the same interests as them.

Interested in hosting a murder mystery event? Check out our virtual workplace night out murder mystery game here.


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