Usher in the Roaring Twenties – Top Tips for Hosting A Murder Mystery after the pandemic

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Spring is in the air and for many of us the coming of warmer weather also signals the easing of restrictions and the tantalizing prospect of stretching the social legs after a long repose. Wherever you are on the road to reopening, I am sure we can all agree that it’s greatly anticipated!

It has been suggested that when we realize this endeavour, we could experience an economic surge not unlike that of the roaring 1920s and oh what a prospect that is!

The resilience and ingenuity of people a hundred years ago, saw out the Spanish Flu pandemic and ushered in a decade which gave us television, penicillin and the car. What wonders will we bear witness to as we move into our Great Reopening!

How better to launch into our own 20s than with a tip of your bowler hat and a swish of your fan to the original (gangster) 20s! With opening on the horizon, it’s time to start planning your reopening party and our 1920s-themed game The Great Has Been has got you covered.

We all know lockdown was tough and often left us with no news to report and little to say to friends and family. So, kick off your reopening with an activity that will guide everyone back into the swing of sociability with hilarious scripted characters and shake off those lockdown blues! Impress your guests with all those recipes you mastered over lockdown and any other new party tricks you have up your sleeve!

So here are 5 tips to help you make the most of your Murder Mystery reopening party:

1. Encourage your guests to raid their wardrobe, getting dressed up really adds to the festivities! You know it, I know it, we all know the better the costumes, the better the party!

2. Choose your guests carefully, it works well to have a mixture of ostentatious and extraverted people for these events but don’t forget your quiet easy-going mates either! Too many chefs spoil the broth and too many big personalities can overshadow others. The best is a mix, for in real life, people come in all shapes and sizes!

3. Understand that it might take some people longer than others to adjust to socialising again. Be a thoughtful host. If someone needs to leave early or perhaps wants everyone to use hand sanitizer, be accommodating – many have had a hard time. Perhaps prepare a calm and quiet space for an overwhelmed guest to take some time if need be.

4. Double check the latest health advice where you are. Be flexible and open-minded in case you need to move or reschedule your event, or even consider a smaller number of players. A flexible game can make changing numbers less hassle.

5. Remember to take lots of pictures and SMILE! It’s been a tough while for many people and continues to be for many others so let’s make the most our good fortunes have the best time we can! 

After all this build up, it’s time for some release. Let the 20s roar once more!

For gatherings large or small, The Great Has Been is just the bee’s knees, sugar!

The Great Has Been Murder Mystery

BespokeMurderMystery Esty Shop


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