5 Reasons to play a Murder Mystery at your Unique Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are one of the many things we’ve had to do without recently but with the country and world opening up it’s time to take the pin out of that bridal shower plan! And what better way to make a bridal shower to remember than with a murder mystery!

So here are 5 reasons to choose a murder mystery for you unique bridal shower:

  1. Suitable for all ages: At Bespoke Murder Mystery we have games to suit every combination of ages you may have at your bridal shower. From family-friendly, magically inspired stories to clean traditional castle murder mysteries. But… we have a darker side too… If you are looking for something with a little more raunch and fun adult themes we’ve got you covered. Check out our range of Bridal Shower games at our Etsy store: Bespoke Murder Mystery – Bridal Shower Games
  2. Designed to be played alongside food: All our games are set across three acts so that any game can dovetail perfectly with whatever scrumptious treats or classy cocktails you have in mind for your bridal shower. A welcome drink could accompany the introduction of the characters once everyone has arrived and the act-breaks provide the perfect opportunity for a busy host to dip out and grab a tray of cookies from the oven (and time to eat them!)
  3. High impact low per person cost: Bridal showers can be expensive affairs, but they don’t need to be. We have games that can cater from 4 to 40 people available at affordable prices so you can save the bulk of the budget on gifts (or cake!)
  4. Post-Covid awkwardness: We don’t like to admit it but being closed off for so long has left its mark on us. While venturing back into social life may be a nothing short of bliss for some of us, there are others who may struggle readjusting to social life. With that in mind, a murder mystery game can be a great way to ensure that all your guests feel included in your event and actively participate in a guided manner with the help of a character to play and a script to follow. For many, the act of playing someone else is wonderfully liberating and could help quieter guests come out of their Covid-shells more easily. And, of course, with scripts to follow you wont fall into the repetitive virus-talk we’re all sick of!
  5. Uniqueness: Be different. Be bold! And try something new. What is unique stands out in our memories head-and-shoulders above the generic and I can’t imagine any bride-to-be who doesn’t want her shower to live on in the memories of her guests.

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