Crime Writer Launches Whodunnit Kits for Remote Christmas Parties

Irish crime writer Fiona Sherlock today launches a range of interactive mystery games for at-home and remote entertainment this Christmas. Available on from E65.

Sherlock developed a limited edition range of artisanal boxed kits for families and workplaces to meet the demand for safe ways to celebrate the festive season together.  The whodunnit games can be played in person or remotely between 6 and 100 players.  Poirot-inspired ‘Murder at Stackallen Castle’ and magical-themed ‘The Wizard’s Dagger’ have sold thousands of copies online in a printable format. 

During the pandemic, Sherlock’s virtual murder mysteries were played by over 20,000 players internationally, including corporate organisations  Zurich, Google, Facebook, Linked In and a range of banks, institutions, schools and voluntary organisations and remain popular a popular team building event for those working a hybrid of remote and in office. Sherlock can also host the games to create a truly memorable remote experience.

Speaking on the launch, Sherlock said: “My aim with these kits is to create a safe, truly engaging and special Christmas experience. Many workplaces won’t be having a traditional get together this year, but I created games with flamboyant characters so players can let their hair down and capture some of the fun and bonding experience of a night out, in a safe way. With an option for playing in real life, as we all choose to be more selective with our contacts this year I’m aiming to give people something to look forward to.” 

Fans of crime fiction can expect to read more from Fiona Sherlock, whose debut Twelve Motives for Murder has just been published by Hodder Studios, with four more books in the pipeline. Poolbeg Crimson will publish Sherlock’s second book Death Comes to January in March, and Hodder Studios will publish Supper for Six next autumn.

5-star customer reviews: 

 “My family loved the Stackallen Castle Murder Mystery! Ages ranged from 9-46 and everyone was able to participate. I loved the character summary and costume prompts. It was fun to all get into character and the descriptions made it so easy. Will definitely purchase again from this seller!”  Maureen 

“We had so much fun! People sang, had horrible accents, and laughed the entire time.” Vsegrest

“Fiona went above and beyond in helping me plan my event. We used our scripts over Zoom for a virtual murder mystery night.” – Marian

“Seller was super helpful and the game was so fun!” Michelle


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