Easy Blackout Entertainment Ideas

Keep the whole family in good spirits this winter despite energy shortages!

With power outages and electricity blackouts looming this winter, here are some cheap and easy ideas to have on hand for when the lights go out!

  1. Depending on how long the power is out and how you get hot water in your house, why not put together a blackout bath kit, with some essentials oil, a scented candle and luxuriate in the quietness of the moment.
  2. Mystery detective game: You’ve seen it a thousand times in movies and books, the power goes out and next thing you know, there’s a murder victim! So why not play a candlelit mystery game? Just print in advance and stash with the candles and kerosene to keep the boredom at bay! You can even invite the neighbours over and make a party of it. Buy a printable blackout game on Etsy
  3. If you have kids, put away some of their favourite toys and stash them in the attic. This way, when the power goes, they won’t have seen them for a while and will be excited to play with them again.
  4. Board games, jigsaws and playing cards: Maybe you keep some on hand for screen-free time or games nights, but if not, you can pick these up at a thrift store or charity shop.
  5. Scavenger hunt: Even if you get caught off guard and haven’t prepared anything, you can put together a simple scavenger hunt with a pen and paper! Choose a mixture of easy to find items, with a few more difficult clues. If you’re playing with children, keep the hunt to areas you’ll be supervising the candles or oil lamps. Remember to keep kids away from open flames!
  6. If you’re alone for a blackout, why not start a new book? This way you have something to look forward to and if you opt for a cosy mystery book (this genre doesn’t get bloody like a thriller but still has plenty of twists and turns), it’s a gore-free way to enjoy the atmosphere and we promise, you won’t fall asleep and leave the candle burning! Order cosy mystery Twelve Motives for Murder
  7. Dine in the dark: Great it you have a bit of notice that the power will be out. An idea that began to raise awareness for the blind community, restaurants across the world have held these events in recent years. Before the lights go off, prepare a few containers with unusual foods to delight your diners. Choose unusual foods or textures like antipasti mushrooms, ceviched vegetables etc.
  8. Another take on this idea for kids, especially around Halloween it to prepare sensory boxes with brains (spaghetti bolognese), eyeballs (olives).

Blackouts are inconvenient at the best of times and can even be dangerous for vulnerable groups. But they do offer us the chance to enjoy some screen free time with our family and neighbours, even with ourselves! So with a little bit of preparation, make the blackouts of 22 memorable for all the right reasons!


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